Online Business Coaching – How to Add Membership to Your Sales Funnel

Do you want to know how to add a membership to your sales funnel that will help you to build a six figure online business?

I am sure you do. Selling a $27 information product is great but if you are using paid advertising methods to drive traffic to your site, I am sure your ROI is pretty low or just break even.

I know how it feel like spending so much of your time creating a quality product yet fail to make a decent return of investment of your time, effort and money. Trust me I have been there.

That is why in this article, I am going to share with you how you can solve this low ROI issue and add a membership site to your product sales funnel in no time.

Secret Method – Offer Membership As An Offer

The easiest way to add a membership site to your sales funnel is to offer your membership as a bonus when they purchase your low ticket front-end product.

Using this method allows you not to disrupt your whole sales system that you previously set-up and what you need to do are to add an additional paragraph to your salesletter mentioning the bonus and you are done.

Warning: You do want to tell them upfront that you will start billing them after the trial period of accessing the membership site is over.

This is to reduce the trouble and hassle you will be getting for not telling them. Trust me it is not worth it.