Online Business Coaching – Teleseminars Build Deep Relationships With Your Prospects

A teleseminar is a great way to build deep relationships with your prospects. Once you have earned the right to be given someones email you will need to nurture that trust by demonstrating to your list that your worth their time. You need to research their needs, and offer solutions to their concerns in a way that creates real value to the prospect.

You shouldn’t waste their time, or inconvenience them, regardless of the value of the offer your providing, just remember that they are your focus. Now, while there are many ways you could reach and interact with your prospects a teleseminar is one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge and coaching personality.

When you read something someone writes you are hearing your voice in your mind, which prevents your prospects from identifying you with your writings. Therefore you do not have a voice or even a personality, beyond their voice to your words.

However, when someone hears your voice, they hear your tone, your inflections, they listen to your breathing, and even your vocabulary. When we listen to someones voice, only their voice as you would over a phone you will in a few minutes be able to deduce if you can connect with them. Its someones voice that were connecting with during a teleseminar, but voices tell us a lot.

A teleseminar can tell us if someone is a fast speaker, they tell us if they use jargon that confuses us and if they have the ability to teach us what we need to get to the next level in our business. Moreover we will be able to assess someones commitments to times, do they arrive to the call on time, are they difficult to stay in touch with? Do they follow up with questions through email, are they focused on solutions or your money?

When your prospects join you for a tele-seminar they are not just trusting you with their email, there trusting you with their time, which is even more valuable. Moreover there trusting that you can actually help them move forward in their business, whats that worth to them? Priceless, remember, that number, that’s why they are worth your best during a teleseminar , and just how much they are trusting you.