Online Business Coaching – The Secret Ingredient to Online Success

Do you want to know the secret ingredient to online success?

I am sure you do. There are many business models that you can follow to make money online but to have a successful online business, you need to build up your asset.

So what is the most important asset in your online business?

It is your customer list. Period.

That is why whatever marketing you do online you need to strive towards building a list.

So how you are going to build a list? Here are the 2 things that you can do to start building your list.

Method #1 – Forum Marketing

You can go to Google and search for forum related to your niche. Pick around 5 of the most popular forum in your niche and then start posting on the forum regularly.

Just spend 1 hour each day doing that and you will start seeing your list grow. One reminder for you is you do not ever want to spam the forum. That the fastest way to ruin your reputation.

Method #2 – Article Marketing

Article marketing is the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website to build your list. This method is free but it does take a bit of your time if you are writing the article yourself.

Each day make an effort to write 3-5 articles and submit them to the top 3 article directories and you will see traffic coming to your website from that 1 article you written a year ago. That is the amazing part about article marketing.