The Key to Explosive Growth – The Right Online Business Coach

Why You Need a Coach

In any non trivial endeavor, there will always be powerful and effective ways to accomplish it and many bad and ineffective approaches.

Even among the suitable ways there will be multiple ways that work. However, there are only a few or maybe even only one way that is easy and truly effective.

The wrong practices can waste your time, discourage you and also cause you loss of revenue and needless expenditure of hard earned cash.

You may be able to uncover the right and wrong approaches by trial and error but you will waste a lot of time and squander valuable enthusiasm and energy.

A mentor that has acquired the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t can get you on the right path very quickly and help you to avoid the pitfalls. Especially, in the complex and ever changing world of online business this is the right way to go.

There are many different approaches to generating income on the web. They include Google AdSense ads, pay per click marketing, email campaigns, blogs, authority sites

There are all sorts of flamboyant ads offering riches galore if you sign up for their training courses for a mere $607 a month. How does one figure out which ones are for worth something and which ones are just hype? Even the sites that have some value very often lead to programs that don’t provide more than pocket change.

One can also drown in the flood of free offers, videos and audio presentations. Many of these really offer valuable information but they don’t lead to a viable business.

Choosing a Coach

The first thing to look for is the track record of the coach for his/her own business. The should have experience in a wide range of different types of web businesses. Check out a number of the sites that this person owns and products that this coach has produced or is pushing.

The coach should demonstrate knowledge about basic technical issues such as basic HTML, what is the best type of blog or what it is the easiest way to set up a website.

He/she should also have business savvy. What’s more important traffic or conversions (the percentage of people that actually buy something)? Why cloaking is important for affiliate marketing? When should I use a blog and when should I make an authority site?

Things to Watch Out For

* He doesn’t have the patience to work with you when you are struggling

* She doesn’t care enough to notice if you use your sessions or not

* They provide vague or general information and don’t get down to specifics

* The coach is so busy that it takes a long time to get an answer or the answer is incomplete

The Best Coaches

In my experience I have found a few really good coaching programs. Ken Evoy’s Site Build It is excellent for beginners and many never leave it. Jeff Johnson provides great training and some great free tools. Josh Spaulding’s ethical marketing and his hands on help is invaluable.


If you are not yet flying your private jet or renovating your castle, get an internet business coach to reach the heights.